The Trust's Mission:

To preserve, enhance, restore, and manage wetlands and associated wildlife habitat, grasslands, and riparian areas in the state of North Dakota.

From its inception, the Trust has played a role as facilitator between agricultural and conservation interests. In addition to facilitating and funding sound, on-the-ground conservation of natural resources, its goal is to identify common issues, create dialogue, and resolve conflicts. 

The Trust is pleased to work with an array of partners within the private, state, county, and federal sphere of the agriculture and conservation communities.

 Along with its agricultural and conservation partners, the Trust advocates for recognition, appropriate development and protection of North Dakota's unique natural resource values. It promotes productive use of private agricultural lands and private property rights that result in long-term enhancement and protection of private lands. It promotes effective use of North Dakota's public lands both for agriculture and recreation. It encourages good land use planning along urban river corridors and promotes enhancement and protection of the state's significant water resources. The Trust helps shape the landscape through its programs and does its best to help shape both public attitude and public policy to support natural resource protection. 

The Trust's activities encompass statewide concerns for the protection of wetlands, grasslands, and riparian habitat. It works from the Red River Valley in the east to the badlands in the west. While limits on staff and fiscal resources necessitate prioritization and careful project selection, its interests and concerns are statewide.

We invite you to browse our site. Let us know of any programs, projects, and ideas you may have on productive and effective use of North Dakota's public lands. You are always welcome to attend one of the Trust board meetings held three times a year.