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Summer summary of WiC

Catch up on all the good things happening with Women in Conservation and Ag events, plus see what's coming up...

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2019 Soil Health Cafe Talks

Nice summary of the 2019 Soil Health Cafe Talks so far this year...sounds like there's more to come, watch for these excellent events!

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PF reports on WIC progress...

Pheasants Forever Dakota gets us up to date on happenings in the Women in Conservation circles and provides upcoming event information...

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SD Grazing Lands Coalition

Read up on the April 2019 SD Grazing Lands Coalition issue of the Range & Pasture Journal. Couple well-known folks featured in this issue are Judge Jessop and the Doan family of Black Leg Ranch...

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ND Wildlife Federation hires Executive Director

Dakota Edge Outdoors reports on the NDWF's new Executive Director and the journey that has brought him to the plains of North Dakota...

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Soil Conservation Districts Newsletters

Many of the SCDs around North Dakota have been busy with Eco-Ed programs, awarding area farmers/ranchers for their achievements, offering educational and networking programs, plus tree order forms. Don't forget to utilize this valuable resource and expertise for questions around your rural or urban landscape! Read through what's happening in your neck of the woods...

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PF Dakota encouraging female hunters...

Pheasants Forever Dakota talks about helping women hunters find the confidence to be out in the field and handling firearms.

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Nourished by Nature

Gabe and Paul Brown talk about their approach to transitioning land management to a new generation and their holistic practices...

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Women in Conservation/Ag wraps up an impressive year...

Cayla Bendel from Pheasants Forever Dakota has traveled the state hosting/partnering with area producers and organizations to bring a women-based conversation about ag and conservation impacts in their communities, click through to read the newsletter that summarizes the success!

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SD and NE Grazing Lands Coalition

Read the latest from our southern neighbors in the South Dakota and Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition October 2018 publication.

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