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Nelson County SCD reports on fall activities

Nelson County Soil Conservation District has been busy this fall with soil health workshops and demonstrations out in the field...

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National Wildlife magazine draws attention to the disappearing prairie...

In their November 2018 issue, Jim Brandenburg writes about the alarming rate of the shrinking prairie/wetlands in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota and what's being done to help balance ag with conservation efforts.

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Pheasants Forever and Precision Ag

Farmers and ranchers are learning more about making their acres more productive through the Precision Ag program. Read about those experiences in an article in the Dakota Farmer...

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Miller's demonstrate soil health importance...

Ken & Bonnie Miller were selected as the 2017 Leopold Award winners for their management and preservation of grasslands. Read more about the recent tour of their ranch...

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Soil Health Summit

Learn more about Regenerating Soil with Diversity at this upcoming summit on Nov 7-8th. It's free to attend, but you must for the flyer.

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Women in Ag learning event

Recent article in AgWeek updates us on what the Pheasants Forever Women Caring for the Land class learned about in their gathering by Hatton, ND. Click through to read the full article...

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Helping the pollinators...

Proof that you don't need a lot to bring pollinator species to your yard. This colorful friend was found on a single milkweed plant growing in a large pot.

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ND Game & Fish's Doug Howie honored

Doug Howie, Assistant Private Land Coordinator for the ND Game & Fish was honored with an announcement made on July 16th at the WAFWA meeting in Eugene, OR.

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Keep your eyes open for "pocket prairies"...

United Prairies Foundation has been hard at work planting pocket prairies to support pollinators and native species. Click to see a couple of incredible photos of their success!

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Shelley Larson selected as Woman of the Year

We'd like to give a big congratulations to Shelley Larson for receiving the Woman of the Year award at the Business and Professional Women Association's meeting last week.

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