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General Mills sees organic opportunity in SD

General Mills and its subdivision Annie's is on their way to greatly increasing organic agriculture in South Dakota with the acquisition of the Gunsmoke Farms--which they also intend to have 3,000 of the 53,000 total acres turned into pollinator habitat.

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West McLean SCD winter newsletter

Big thank you to Dane Buysse and the West McLean SCD for sharing the Working Grassland Partnership II and Grassland Enhancement Pilot program in their winter newsletter--plus the Sakakawea PF chapter's grass seed and pollinator plot assistance program!

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Marshall Johnson receives ND Habitat Award

The ND Chapter of the Wildlife Society selected Audubon Dakota Executive Director and ND Natural Resources Trust board member, Marshall Johnson, for the prestigious ND Habitat Award, recognizing his leadership in conservation enhancement across the state.

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Rick Warhurst becomes NDCTWS President

Taking the reins from Rick Nelson, Rick Warhurst became President at the ND Chapter of the Wildlife Society at their annual conference in February 2018.

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Keeping All the Pieces

Badlands Conservation Alliance and the Wildlife Federation released the Keeping All the Pieces film to continue to raise awareness of the alarming and under-regulated rate of energy development in western North Dakota. Click for the link to BCA's website to watch the 15-minute film and see how you can get in the conversation...

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NDWF Awards announced...

The awards at the 83rd Annual Convention for the ND Wildlife Federation recognized a number of area sportsmen, conservation works, ranching and farming producers. Click for the press release and photos...

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Rick Warhurst honored by SD Ducks Unlimited

After a 31-year career with Ducks Unlimited, Rick's passionate advocacy for the protection of waterfowl and their habitat was honored this at the South Dakota State Convention by his induction into the Hall of Fame. In addition, he and his wife Bernie were honored for their Diamond Sponsorship of the organization's work.

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NDNRT Small Grant Program

Funding for the 2018 Small Grant Program was approved at our January Board meeting. Please see related information under the programs tab and feel free to share the flyer under this link...

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Cover Crops Renovate Grassland

Raylene Nickel writes about how diversifying plant communities has helped Darrell Oswald restore soil health.

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It's your land, but expect a reaction if you anger other aggies

Read about an important suggestion from Greg Page, a retiree from Cargill, about the critical need for the ag community to connect and assist in creating a balance with others outside their industry.

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