Working Grassland Partnership


The Working Grassland Partnership (WGP) program promotes livestock grazing as a management tool for improving grassland bird conservation.  The WGP will provide landowners with voluntary options to help develop expiring CRP acres into a livestock grazing systems that will also benefit grassland birds.



· 10 Year Agreements with buyback provisions


· 60% Cost-Share on Boundary and Cross Fencing


· 60% Cost-Share on Water Development; wells, rural water hook-ups, pipeline, tanks, etc.


· One-time upfront payment of $5 per acre per year on expired or expiring CRP acres in 2019 and 2020


· Technical advice on grazing systems and cultural review when appropriate


· NDGFD PLOTS access options



· Improve grassland productivity and condition


· Improve water quality and soil health


· Enhancing wildlife habitat for grassland birds


· Create working grazing lands for livestock operations


· Improve the sustainability and profitability of existing livestock operations



If interested, contact NDNRT or one of our partners:


Terry Allbee, Biologist/Business Manager

Office: (701) 223-8501


The WGP program is made possible through a grant from the Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF). OHF is a state grant program that provides funds for projects that include access to public and private lands for sportsmen, implementation of best management practices for farming and ranching stewardship of the land and water, fish and wildlife habitat preservation, and development of parks and outdoor recreation areas.


Partners in the Working Grassland Partnership:



WGP Brochure


Program Materials for Partners