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About the Trust

Who We Are

The North Dakota Natural Resources Trust (Trust), originally the North Dakota Wetlands Trust, was born in 1986 out of a conflict over how to address the Garrison Diversion Project’s adverse impacts on the state’s wetlands. Under the terms of the 1986 Reformulation Act (P.L. 99-294), the United States Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) provided North Dakota the initial $12 million toward initiation of the North Dakota Wetlands Trust. The state of North Dakota contributed an amount equaling ten percent of the federal contribution ($1.2 million), equally split between the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, the State Water Commission and the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District.

In December 2000, Congress enacted the Dakota Water Resources Act (DWRA, P.L. 89-108) which renamed the North Dakota Wetlands Trust to the North Dakota Natural Resources Trust and expanded the Trust’s mission beyond wetlands and associated upland habitat to include conservation of grassland and riparian areas. Under the provisions of the DWRA, the federal government, through the BOR, will provide the Trust an additional $25 million. The BOR provides this contribution to the Trust based on five percent of the State Municipal, Rural and Industrial Funds and Red River Water Supply from the annual Dakota Area Office budget appropriation. There were no additional state contributions under DWRA. The Trust does not use the principal from the federal contributions, except as allowable under Public Law 111-85. The investment income received by the Trust from these federal contributions are available for operations. To date, the Trust has received $16,799,050 of the $25 million authorized by DWRA. Today, the Trust oversees federal assets of approximately $28.8 million.


The Trust's Mission:

To promote the retention, restoration, creation and wildlife friendly management of wetlands, grasslands and riparian areas by presenting practical opportunities throughout North Dakota.

Our Vision:

We envision vibrant prairies landscapes that support abundant wildlife, profitable conservation agriculture and thriving communities.

Conserve North Dakota and you benefit, too.