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Small Grant Program

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Promoting public awareness and education of North Dakota's natural resources.


The Trust is seeking grant proposals to assist in the implementation of our mission, and the education elements identified in our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, to support “projects which produce educational aspects around the value of prairie landscapes, healthy soils, and grass-based regenerative practices.”

Small grant proposals should address one of the following:

  1. Public awareness and education on the values of wetlands, grasslands, and riparian areas in North Dakota
  2. Public awareness and education of the importance of maintaining soil health and the interconnection with water quality, and the overall health of North Dakota’s natural resources.


Next Application Deadline: TBD

Final approvals of awarded grants are made at our spring board meeting. Applicants will be notified shortly afterward.



Small Grant Program Flyer

Request for Proposals


Application Instructions & Guidelines

Example Agreement

Awarded Grantee Information & Reporting Instructions

Reimbursement Request Form

*MS Word versions available upon request


If you have any questions or would like to request guidance, feel free to contact our office at (701) 223-8501. Thank you and we look forward to seeing your project ideas!

Conserve North Dakota and you benefit, too.