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Special Reports

  • WWF 2023 Plowprint Report The WWF's Plowprint Report analyzes the rate of grassland plow-up across the US, and Canadian portions of the Great Plains.

  • ND Biological Carbon Capture Report - 2022 Summary of biological carbon capture practices on grasslands, agricultural lands, wetlands and forests that can reduce or offset North Dakota’s greenhouse gas emissions, which would complement other energy and carbon capture solutions to reach carbon neutrality.
  • 2022 State of the Birds Report The 2022 State of the Birds report presents data on changes
    in bird populations across habitats of the United States in the
    past five decades. These changes are shown for the groups of
    breeding species that are most dependent on each habitat and
    for which long-term monitoring data are available.
  • PPJV 35 Years of Conservation This report celebrates the accomplishments of the PPJV partnership from 1987-2022. Published by the PPJV in 2022.

  • 2015 NDGF State Wildlife Action Plan The 2015 North Dakota State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) replaces the 2005 North Dakota Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy as the principle document for safeguarding rare and declining fish and wildlife species in North Dakota. This newer second ‘edition’ not only has a different name but has been revised to include new information generated by State Wildlife Grant (SWG) studies that have been conducted over the past ten years.

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