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July 6, 2017

Badlands Advisory Group (BAG)







Energy development in western North Dakota has had far reaching impacts on our land and its inhabitants, both wild and human. The Natural Resources Trust is proud to be one of the partners in the work done by Covenant Consulting to examine the thoughts and reactions of our citizens as they reflect on both the good and the not so good aspects of this intense industrial development in one of the most sensitive and fragile landscapes – our beautiful Badlands.

As our process of dealing with energy development’s impact has matured, it is clear from the work done by Covenant Consulting that the positive attitude and “can do” spirit of North Dakotans shines through on this issue. By working together, we believe we can have it all; the economic benefits that come with extracting our vast oil and gas resources while minimizing negative impacts to the land, our air, our water, our wildlife and, most importantly, the people who call this area home. We’ve all learned a lot over the past years. Now, let’s use what we’ve learned to continue energy development in a way that protects the characteristics and values that make western North Dakota – the Badlands – one of the most special places on earth.


As you read and reflect upon the work done and the action plan presented in this report, please consider becoming a positive part of the process. If you have questions or comments contact Rod Backman at Covenant Consulting 701-250-0834 or Keith Trego at the Trust 701-223-8501.


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