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July 19, 2013

The Grass Book 2013

This booklet was prepared to provide landowners with a source of contacts and information for seeding and managing Conservation Reserve Program lands and other Program Grasslands.  The 2013 pilot counties for this publication are Burleigh, Kidder, Stutsman, McLean, and Sheridan Counties in North Dakota.

The Book is very simply organized to provide contact information by county for contractors, county soil conservation districts, and other entities that provide services for seeding and managing grasslands.

The Book also contains information on programs and assistance offered by the sponsors of this Book, including the ND Natural Resources Trust, Ducks Unlimited, Inc., Pheasants Forever, the ND Game and Fish Department, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

We hope you will find The Grass Book 2013 an interesting and informative source of information for helping you to seed and manage your grasslands.

The Grass Book 2013

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